My Ruff-rences

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My name is Beaker. I am a very enthusiastic Daschund/Mini Pinscher mix. I love being walked by Maria! She takes care of me, gives me the exercise I need and always has the best treats in town!!!


I love when I get my daily visit from Tails on the Town.  I get to stretch my legs,  get to check out all the interesting smells, in the rain or shine.  I especially like when I get  homemade treats from them.  Yum!! Yum!!

Fiona, Lucy & Kirby

fiona & crew

A Google search led us to this website and brought Doug and Maria in to our lives – and we couldn’t be more grateful for the introduction! From the minute we – along with our three dogs – met these two, we knew they would be the perfect solution for our dog walking needs. They’re kind, warm, reliable and trustworthy animal-loving people who our dogs adore and who take great care of our pups when we can’t be home. I can’t recommend them highly enough, and have already referred some friends who also love their service. We’re so glad we took a chance on a web-search and found Tails on the Town!



Hey there, Cobalt here.  I am one lucky dog.  When I moved in to my new home, Maria of Tails on the Town was walking my neighbor Buckley.   There was a lot of excitement in my hallway everyday mid-day and I needed to know what was going on.  A party, that’s what.  I look forward to walks in the neighborhood and seeing my pals Layla, Owen, and Gus when my parents are working.  Maria is awesome; she really goes the extra mile-I would know!  She has helped me transition from a puppy to a cool canine that enjoys socializing with my pals and exploring Park Slope.  I know my parents hate to leave me home alone, but they know I am in very good hands with Maria.




I’m a pretty calm dog (mostly), but I jump up on my hind legs when I see Doug or Maria coming! Doug knows exactly who will be a good walking buddy for me, and now I have friends all over the neighborhood (it’s still my territory, though–I marked it, and don’t you forget it). I never get bored when I know Tails on the Town is coming. Can’t wait for my next walk!



Doug and Maria are the best! They started walking me a few days after I came home from the shelter as a puppy. I enjoy my afternoon outings with them, and they have helped me make lots of friends with the other dogs who walk with me. There are many things in the world that make me nervous and on edge — like kids, bikes, scooters, skateboards, other dogs, pretty much most things. Doug and Maria are very patient with me and my quirks!  Woof!






Maria and Doug have been walking me since I was adopted her over a year ago.  My people were a little anxious about having someone come in our home, to take care of me, but all it took was a first meeting with them to realize that they know what they are doing .  They are good people,  dependable, and trustworthy caretakers who genuinely care about the dogs they walk.  They are also incredibly flexible and willing to work with my needs.   Sometimes my mom is home when Doug picks me up for my walk and she sees how much I adore him.  We have complete confidence in their work and am grateful to have them in our lives. If you are in the market for a dog walker, look no further!   Five stars!


Alfie & Rosie

alfie & rosie

We can’t remember how long we’ve been walked by Doug and Maria–hey, we’re dogs, memory isn’t our specialty–but we do know that it’s been quite some time now, and that’s got to count for something, especially since our peeps are pretty picky when it comes to our care. One of us takes a pill every night, but we can rest easy knowing Doug and Maria are there for us, making sure we’re fed and have had all our medicine. We get long and lovely walks in the park with lots of love and treats at the end. We could go on for ages, but the bottom line is: we just can’t say enough good stuff about Doug and Maria and you’d do yourself a favor to have them walk your dog!



Hi! My name is Puck! After I moved to Brooklyn last year, I was browsing Yelp! for a new local dog walker. After reading some reviews I met with Maria and Doug, and we’ve been hanging out 5 days a week ever since. Maria and Doug are 2 of my favorite hoomans, because they understand that I’m a puppy, and I like to take my time sniffing, exploring, and playing on my walks. They always bring along 1 or 2 other awesome and fun dogs for our daily walks which typically go much longer than 30 minutes. I always come back tuckered out and happy! When my hoomans are having a busy week at work, Maria and Doug always save the day by filling in for a night walk at the drop of a hat. My hoomans say Maria and Doug are great because they are communicative, flexible with their schedules, trustworthy, and reliable; but I say Maria and Doug are great because they take me on a daily adventure!


OliverI can’t say enough wonderful things about our experience with Maria and Tails on the Town. First and foremost, our dog (Oliver) loves her and is in especially GREAT spirits on days he gets to walk with her. He has grown up and matured with Tails on the Town and the crew he walks with on his favorite days of the week. Beyond that, Maria is incredibly flexible, responsive and reliable. We have a very varied schedule and they have made it easy to make a plan (even when we need to do so last minute). Thank for everything and Oliver says can’t wait to see you tomorrow!


DiegoHi my name is Diego and I have been initiated into Doug’s walking pack as a new lowrider! I have made new friends and I love every single one them! I take car rides to the park and LOVE it! My mum was hesitant to hire a stranger to walk me because she loves me soooooo much but since she noticed how happy I was she is now super confident and highly recommends tails on the town! I hope to meet more new dog friends especially other lowriders because we are just to coolest!



With a glowing, four-paws recommendation from my friends Lucy, Kirby, and Fiona, my owners reached out to Tails on the Town and I’ve been a very happy puppy ever since. Doug and Maria are absolute best and care for me as if I were their own dog.  They remember to leave notes on how my day was and are always more than flexible with my owners when it comes to theirs schedule / needs.  I’m one very lucky puppy! Thanks Tails on the Town!



Maria is the best! She makes sure I get my exercise and keeps the treats handy! She has been walking me for almost a year.  We go all over my neighborhood (and sometimes all the way to South Slope) with my friends like Jenny and Player. Maria says even though I’m little, I can hold my own with the big guys.  It’s my favorite part of the day except for breakfast…and dinner, and oh, okay when my Mom comes home and feeds me.


LoganI love my walks with Tails on the Town! I always get excited when I hear them coming down the hall and I’m happy and tuckered out from all the playing when my humans come home from work. Since I started hanging out with Maria, Doug, and all my friends I’ve gotten back a lot of energy and excitement at being around other four legged and two legged people.


NachoHi, I’m Nacho. I run a pretty tight ship in my household, and I make a lot of rules. I do what I want when I want. My number one rule? I never do my business inside. Thanks to Maria’s willingness to work with my tough schedule, I never have to wait too long to take my business back out to the streets, where it belongs. Tails on the Town gets five stars in my book. Those may look like bite marks on my owner’s book, but I assure you they are stars. And it’s my book now.


GingerHey there, Ginger here. In case you didn’t know, Doug and Maria are the absolute best dog walkers ever! They’ve been walking me while my mom’s at work for about three years now. Doug is my usual guy, and he knows exactly what kinds of dogs I walk the best with. I get SO excited when he comes by, because it always means outside fun with my friends; either walking through the neighborhood or going to the park. He even lets my little sister (who’s too small for rowdy walks) out of her kennel while we’re out and about. Doug knows my mom misses me during the day, so he always leaves a note to let her know who I walked with and what we did. She loves that part. I love Doug and Maria, and consider them part of my permanent pack. You should too!


BusterIt is hard moving to a new city and having to reset relationships and neighbors. We are so lucky to have found Maria and Doug so quickly in our search for a walking service for our 6 yr old fur baby, Buster. He can be a handful, but he is as sweet as the day is long and loves all the extras Tails On the Town gives him, from car rides to social time. Thank you so much for giving the best for our best!


LulaI love my walks with Tails on the Town! I always get excited when I hear them coming down the hall and I’m happy and tuckered out from all the playing when my humans come home from work. Since I started hanging out with Maria, Doug, and all my friends I’ve gotten back a lot of energy and excitement at being around other four legged and two legged people.


WinstonListen people – I’m a big lazy dog. If I could live on the couch, I would.  Normally I would ignore any plea to walk outside with my owners, until Maria shows up. With her car. HER CAR!!! CAR FULL OF TOYS!!!! I LOVE CAR RIDES I LOVE CAR RIDES I LOVE CAR RIDES.  Where will we go today, Maria? Possibly the most interesting spot in Brooklyn?  Will there be cats there? Maybe squirrels? And lots of treats? All of the above!  Maria takes me on adventures with my little buddy Jenny, and we love it.


Tails on the Town rocks!!   They completely understand that squirrels are the scourge of  Prospect Park and we must be ever vigilant to patrol and watch those dastardly little creatures.  I’m honored and thrilled to have Tails on the Town on my daily patrol!! They are the best!!


MurraySo this the Internet?! Coooool. I’m only 5 months old so I’m still getting a handle on this stuff. My name is Murray— but I’m a girl. I blame my Mom and Dad and their disregard for societal norms. Total weirdos, those two.

But you know who aren’t weirdos? Doug and Maria from Tails On The Town. I’ve been getting puppy visits from them ever since I was 2 months old and they’re just good people, ya know? I mean, they bring me treats and toys and they’re even helping me get over my dog-related social anxiety. Hey, if someone sniffed your butt when you met them, you’d be a little put-off too!

Doug and Maria are kind, patient and caring—all the qualities I look for in humans. I look forward to hanging with them everyday and getting to know my neighborhood, one squirrel at a time.


CCMaria and Doug have been my walkers and BFF’s since I was just a baby.  They are the absolute best!!  I’m always so excited when they come visit me and take me out with my friends from the neighborhood.  We have so much fun together!  Sometimes I get nervous walking outside but they are always so patient with me and they always make me feel so safe.  My mom and dad have busy and unpredictable work schedules but Maria and Doug always go the extra mile to accommodate us and make sure I’m taken care of.  We all appreciate them so much and could not ask for better walkers!


Ever since Tails on the Town walked into my life,  I always have a smile on my face!!!


I’m quite a handful….I have LOTS of energy to burn!  That’s why I love when Tails on the Town come to visit me everyday.  They know just what I need to mellow out and even let me play with other pups!!  My mom and dad have pretty crazy schedules, so we are all thankful that TotT are as flexible and accommodating as they are.


ZiggyMy walks with Doug and Maria are the best!! They partner me up with fellow neighborhood dogs that have become my friends for life! They are always on time, tell my Moms how I did my biz on the walk, and are flexible just in case moms are working late or need an extra walk here and there. Doug and Maria truly care for me. And that is what matters most. I am a proud member of their pack! Truly, Ziggy


I’m a 100% satisfied Tails on the Town customer!!!


Foxy“We were so lucky to have been referred to Maria. She has been a wonderful resource to us, helping to transition Foxy from a small puppy just getting house trained to a confident dog who is now going on group walks. Best of all, I’ve seen Foxy run straight to Maria, tail wagging and excited for her walk, which I take as a ringing endorsement from Foxy herself!”


GracieI mostly like humans. When I was a little puppy and my humans had to go to work, I cried. When I got bigger a friend would come and visit during the day, which makes the whole thing so much better. I tried a few out, but I’m very happy Maria is my afternoon friend now. It helps that she has some of my non-human friends with her to walk with me. Sometimes we play and sometimes it’s just business, which suits me fine  (I am a very focused girl). I especially love when she brings the car because she always lets me have my favorite spot and I love to go on adventures. Maria is so sweet to me and she always has my back when the big dogs are too much for me. She is definitely one of the good humans.



Maria and Doug are the best! They are super flexible and easy to communicate with. Most importantly, Doug is  great with me!  He takes me out, with a few other dogs from the building, for some much needed socialization, while my people are gone during the day.  I am very grateful to Doug and Maria for the work that they do!