Helloooo! I’m Penny. I’m a rescued greyhound. Maria & Doug have been taking care of me since I moved to Brooklyn a few years ago.  I love my walks in the park with my crew.  It’s always a different adventure every day. It makes my Mom happy when i come home & take a snooze. She knows I’m in such good paws(hands) with Tails on the Town!


Tails on the Town is awesome! Maria has been taking me with her crew for over 10 years now. I am a bit selective in the company that I keep, but she always finds the right dogs for me to walk with (and sniff and sniff and sniff)! Maria is very reliable & whole heartedly cares for us pups. She is also a skilled photographer and always captures my good side. I’m incredibly good looking, if you haven’t noticed. I highly recommend her services. PS…she always has good treats!


Hi, I’m Violet! I’m pretty much in love with Doug & Maria. Every time I see them in my neighborhood, I can barely contain myself. I always get great walks with all of my friends. And, when my parents go away, they take me in as one of their own. My parents said they would be lost without the expert service of Tails on the Town.


Maria from Tails on the Town is the best! She started taking care of me when I was just 10 weeks old.  She helped with my training & socialization so when I was 4 months old, I was ready to go on adventures with my own little pack.  That was 4 years ago…wow how time flies! I still get to go to the park every day with all the good friends I have met. It’s always an adventure with Maria. My mom says she highly recommends ToT.


Hi, my name is Macy, and I’m a 3 year “STAFFADOR” diva dog. My walks with Maria are the highlight of my day. I like to wait by the window until I hear her car, then I get super excited, jump around and run to the door. My mom and dad are so happy that I have someone so special and reliable to take me out when they are working. After my daily “happy hour”, I nap for the rest of the day to save my energy for the next Maria adventure. Best dog walker ever! Woof woof.


I was a very shy puppy when i first moved to Brooklyn & then I met Maria.  She was super helpful in training me & showing me the ropes. I learned so much (so did my Mom)! Now, i go with Maria & my friends everyday to the park with my friends I’ve known for over 3 years.  I’m such a lucky, good pup!


Doug & Maria have been taking great care of me for over 10 years. When my parents go away, I stay at their place. They let me hog their bed! Even though I’ve slowed down some, I still get excited to go out with Doug & his friendly crew. So happy they’re in my life.


Hiya! I’m Coltrane.  I met Doug & Maria when i was big, goofy puppy & quite a handle! Maria trained me to be a very, good puppy & now I’m a mature(not all the time) good boy.  They also take great care of me when my parents go away. I luv my Aunt Maria & Uncle Doug!


Hi, I’m Gracie.  I’ve been with Tails on the Town for 6 years! Maria takes me & my friends to the park for our daily walks. I love getting my sniffs in & the occasional roll in the grass.  When my parents go away(how dare they!) I get to stay with Doug & Maria…it’s like my own little vacation! So happy that they are in my life!


Let me tell you, it’s not easy being a senior dog. I used to hang out with doug’s pack, but lately I’m having trouble keeping up with these young pups. I often go on a shortened walk with just Doug. He knows what I can handle. Thank you Tails On the Town for the extra attention over the years!


It’s me, Gumby! Great name, right? Doug has been taken care of me for over 7 years now…that’s a looong time in dog years! I used to be a wild, Boston terrier but Doug knew how to tame my wild side with lots of good walks with friends & a little bit of dog whisper. Now, I’m much calmer but i always get excited for my walks with my buddies. My parents say Doug is a life saver!


Doug & Maria have been taking care of me for close to a decade now. I stay with them when my mom goes away. I always know when Doug is close by because I start dancing and yelping for joy, I just can’t help myself. Mom says I always come home healthy, groomed & relaxed.